Formation History

The administration of the District of Sik originally operated in an old building made of timber and moved to a new building (concrete) in 1982. As time goes by, the District of Sik continued to develop and with the concern of the State of Kedah Darul Aman’s Administration, the District of Sik was allocated a new building which is the Sik District and Land Office, a modern building with proper equipment and once again the District of Sik’s Administration moved to a new building starting on 1 April 1997 till now.


Sik Distict Council was formed on 1 August 1975 in accordance to Section 3 Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171). The total area of Sik District is 1,635,457.65 hectares (1,634.6 square km). Total population of Sik District is 71,261, while the density is 38 (resident per square km). There are four ‘mukims’ in the District of Sik which is Mukim Sik (57,042.38 hectares), Mukim Sok (80,549.00 hectares), Mukim Jeneri (12,691.00 hectares) and Mukim Teloi (13,175.27 hectares). The Sik District Council’s service covers an area of 1356.053 hectares (13.56053 square km.) and consists of Pekan Sik, Batu 5, Kuala Begia and Sik Dalam.