Sik District Council Client Charter

  1. Ensure that all public complaints received will be managed within 3 working days.
  2. All general complaints pertaining to health under the Council’s jurisdiction will be investigated and acted upon within 7 working days.
  3. Process and approve the business licence applications within 14 working days (non-critical) and 45 working days (critical) provided that it is enclosed with completed documents and approved by the relevant departments.
  4. Process and approve the business licence applications for night markets, day markets and Ramadan bazaars immediately.
  5. Process the Holding Ownership Transfer application within 1 working day.
  6. Process the Simultaneous Applications/Planning Permits within 108 days..
  7. Process the applications for Building Plans / Building Extension and Renovation / Temporary Building Permit / Building Minor Works within 69 days.
  8. Process the Engineering Plan applications within 80 days.