•    To provide basic infrastructure facilities that meet requirements in all Council’s area within a period of
      10 years (2000 – 2010).
•    To create residents economic growth centres in potential areas.
•    To increase the socio-economic level of the local residents by providing quality basic services and
•    To provide efficient, effective and courteous service  to the public.
•    To provide and maintain landscape that is suitable  and excellent.
•    To ensure that the construction of buildings is in line with a structured environmental development.
•    To create a clean, beautiful and comfortable town area.
•    To cooperate with and support other agencies in  the development of the town of Sik.
•    To create a cooperative and responsible community  with high civic consciousness.
•    To ensure that residents enjoy a proper quality of  life.
•    To provide sufficient health, cleanliness and  beautification needs in order to create a comfortable
      and harmonious living environment.