Sik History

Sik originated from the Arabic word, ‘Syed'. According to history, the travelling Arabs came here with their boats and came up shore at Lubuk Tok Keramat of Chepir River, where currently a Shell petrol station is situated.

The travellers put up tents on the field known as Padang Tok Sheikh. The site then expanded into a settlement and became the first site for ‘pondok' (religious institution) in the Sik District and possibly the first in the state.

Now, Padang Tok Sheikh is located near the Pekan Sik Mosque, where the Sik District Religious Office Complex now stands.

The word "Sik" originated from the word "Syed" or "Sheikh" When spoken using the Kelantan Patani dialect it sounded like "Sik". The pronunciation range from Sik to Saik. The missionary delegation with generation Wan Ibrahim Mekong.